Local Manufacturing

Anselmi has over 550 employees, distributed across 3 manufacturing units located in Serra Gaúcha, in the cities of Farroupilha, Feliz, and Alto Feliz. From design to dyeing, through spinning and sewing of the pieces, the entire industrial process goes through our factories. That's why we offer customized and high-quality products with greater efficiency and agility.

In-house spinning

Anselmi internally produces a large part of the yarns it uses. The natural cotton, of national origin, is processed in the knitting factory itself. An initiative that values the local production chain, reducing the transport of inputs and their environmental impact.

Dyeing & Color Lab

We are one of the first and only knitwear companies in Brazil to have our own dyeing facility. A differential that ensures total quality control, a wide range of colors and impeccable finishing. Our process is done with total respect for the environment. Because as important as following the fashion color palette is preserving the colors of nature.

Point-to-point technology

Tradition and technology intertwine in our weaves. Always striving for excellence, we invest in the latest textile industry technology such as 3D machines, which weave a seamless piece in just a few minutes.

Respect for the environment

The care for the environment is in everything we do.

The water used in the textile mill goes through an efficient treatment station and is returned to nature in full conditions for the proliferation of life.

We produce around 30% of the energy we consume through solar panels.

The in-house spinning allows the use of domestic raw materials, reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Respect for the environment

The care for the environment is in everything we do.