The comfort and soft touch on the skin provided by the Anselmi knitting threads deserve special care when it comes to washing.

Hand washing is preferred.

1 | Wash individually, with water at room temperature and use neutral soap.

2 | Do not twist, remove excess moisture by rolling in a towel and let it dry on a flat surface, always avoiding direct sunlight. Hand washing is preferred.

Can I wash it in the machine?

If this is the only possibility, follow our tips and take the necessary precautions:

1 | Turn the piece inside out and put it in the machine only with other pieces of the same color and texture (do not mix light colors with dark ones or jeans with knits).

2 | Check if there are any localized dirty spots on the piece that need to be removed before machine washing (if there are, remove with soap and running water).

3 | | Program the water at room temperature;

4 | Use neutral soap;

5 | Select the delicate clothes cycle or the shortest possible one;

6 | After the spin cycle, remove and dry horizontally.

Using the dryer

If necessary, the most recommended is the drum type.


Put a few pieces and select the shortest drying cycle function.

Remember to wash only when necessary.

With all these precautions and care, your Anselmi knit will maintain the appearance and softness of the threads for a long time.