About Us

We are a 100% national fashion brand that was started almost 40 years ago in the "Serra Gaúcha" region. We put our soul and history into every knit. And we believe in clothes made to last, developed with creativity, quality, and respect for people and the environment.

The Weaves of Our Story

Long before the concept of women's empowerment, Maria Anselmi was already weaving the dream of being her own boss. In 1981, she started a knitting business in a small room in her house in Farroupilha, in the "Serra Gaúcha" region.
The combination of talent, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit made the business thrive. Maria looked for economic independence and professional fulfillment. And she has achieved much more than that over the past almost 40 years.

Anselmi is now a reference in the Latin American textile market. Its three factory parks concentrate all the productive chain of knitwear, from spinning to dyeing. In addition, the knitting mill employs 100% local labor, helping to develop the region and the dreams of everyone who is part of this story.

We are a company, and also a family

Maria Anselmi's three children work by her side, in charge of strategic functions of the company.


Creative Director and Designer


Administrative and Industrial Director


Marketing Director

I would repeat the recipe, because it worked!

“If I had to start today, I think I would do everything the same way, I would repeat the recipe, because it worked.”

- Maria de Lourdes Bortolanza Anselmi